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What is LifeLock?

LifeLock is the pocket-sized portable door-lock!

Lifelock keeps intruders out, preventing ANY unauthorised access into ANY room whilst you are inside it. LifeLock is portable and requires no ‘fixings’ or tools, it can be added and removed in seconds with no alterations to the door and it leaves no marks.

  • Locks your door securely
  • No keys or codes required
  • Can be fitted or released in seconds
  • Used worldwide by police, military and government personnel
  • Resists over-riding master keys, cards or picks
  • As seen on BBC TV
  • Put an end to unauthorised room entry

One of the fastest growing crimes worldwide is people getting into your room while you’re inside it. Even thinking that you might be secure in a locked hotel room other people can easily access your room with a master, pass or duplicate key/card.

“We must all take responsibility for our own personal protection” – former Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

LifeLock is especially suitable for business travel, holiday-makers, tourists, lone travellers, flat sharers, university and gap year students, backpackers and children on school trips.

The need for personal protection has never been higher. LifeLock not only provides you with peace of mind, it could even save your life.



As well as featuring on BBC TV, LifeLock has received seven major innovation and security awards including the Gold Award at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva 2009.

The LifeLock is recommended by the Police, Armed Forces and embassies around the world.

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Videos & Photos.

Explaining how the LifeLock works might be tricky, but trust us when we say it is simple to use requiring no tools it can be fitted to 95% of doors in under 5 seconds.

View the photo and video gallery to see more!

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We are confident that you will share the opinions of the police and armed forces who have tested and recommended LifeLock.

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