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“I have no hesitation in recommending LifeLock.”
J Mervyn Jones OStJ QPM MSc former Chief Const. Cheshire Police

“This easy to use portable device truly can be a life-saver.”
The Lucie Blackman Trust

“As a serving military officer in the British Army, LifeLock is an important part of my kit. It goes everywhere with me, including active service. It gives personal protection and great peace of mind. Thanks LifeLock.”
An officer in the British armed forces

“We tried forcing the (LifeLock) locked door from the outside and were well impressed with LifeLock.”
British Embassy official

“This is a fantastic product.”
Trevor Baylis, Inventor of the wind-up radio

“I love the concept of LifeLock and it is a must that I have one due to my travels and busy life style.”
Miss Bolivia

“The President’s medal for innovation awarded to LifeLock Ltd for developing and producing an innovative portable locking device of special use to business people and travellers who require enhanced personal security within an office or hotel room environment.”
Chamber of Commerce & Industry

“First Prize in the Business Category was awarded to LifeLock Limited for the inventiveness, novelty, simplicity, effectiveness, use of materials, durability and ease of operation of their product.”
Innovention Award judges

“We can testify to its need ourselves, having once had our hotel room invaded in the middle of the night.”
Dr Tom Shelley, Eureka Magazine

“Great product, simple to use, easy to keep with you all the time, it’s like having a key to every door. The best testimonial I can give, is that my wife refuses to give it back!”
Organised Crime Group Police Officer

“I have tried your product and as one of the many unfortunate people who has had an unwanted visitor in my hotel room, I think it is fantastic and for the first time in a long while, I slept right through the night and didn’t even feel the need for a chair up against the door.”
J.W., Norfolk

“Recently while staying in a hotel, I woke at 3 am to find a stranger standing over me!”
Professor Andrew Self, Kingston University

“I have now issued a LifeLock to all my staff for their protection. I feel as a responsible employer I have a duty of care to my staff wherever they may be.”
Mr. B. Thatcher, Hampshire

“LifeLock was a great success – thank you”.
Beryl Shepherd, Charity Worker in China

“It’s a relief to know that my daughter is safe as she travels the world in her gap year.”
Mrs S Henderson, East Sussex

“When I was recently in Egypt, I had to resort to pulling a bed across my door at night. I would have given anything for a LifeLock.”
Mr R Little, Hampshire

“Every businessman’s briefcase should contain a LifeLock – and so should every businesswoman’s.”
SeƱora Esther G, Spain

“My daughter thought the LifeLock was a brilliant present, looking forward to getting mine.”
Marilyn Sheffield, United Arab Emirates

“On a recent visit to the USA, having mislaid my hotel room key, I used my credit card to enter my room in just three seconds. If I had been in the room with a LifeLock fitted, this would not be possible!”
John Stainer, Hampshire

“At the time my daughter moved into her apartment, the landlords told me that they were not planning to change the lock on her front door and that became a concern for me, so I Googled portable door security measures and came up with a few options and picked yours. It has been the handiest little gadget and now I have ordered another for my son. Thank you for creating it and saving me some peace of mind.”
Petra B.

“Thank you very much for the good and quick service. It’s a great invention and will make many people feel safe and comfortable.”
Viviane V.

“I just returned to California and the second LifeLock was here. Thank you for your exceptional service.”
Betty V.

“What a cracking product to use while I’m at university.”
Anthony Cave, Dorset

“LifeLock – Thank you.”
Val Francis – a worried Mother

From J Mervyn Jones OStJ QPM MSc former Chief Constable of Cheshire Police:

“We are living in a rapidly changing world and sadly, an increasingly unsafe world. Personal safety has never more been critical than it is now especially for people who are frequently away from home and their familiar, safe surroundings.

Having this concern, I was most pleased recently to hear that a security lock was being developed which would allow travellers to protect themselves from personal attack, theft or both by being able to secure themselves safely in their rooms. Locks on hotel rooms and other temporary accommodation are a notoriously unsafe means of guaranteeing personal safety. The door and lock, of course, may appear to be of high quality and capable of resisting a degree of attack but what the individual cannot guarantee is that master keys and other override devices are not accessible to those intent on committing crime.

I have now had the opportunity to view and use this product – LifeLock – and I have to say for what is a relatively inexpensive device it has the full potential to address the problem and be an important contribution to crime reduction anywhere in the world.

The most important benefit of LifeLock in my view, is that it hands personal control for safety and security exclusively to the individual. Fitted to the door from the inside of the room, it gives immediate protection from anyone trying to enter surreptitiously or otherwise. I found it amazingly simple to use for one has complete control over the locking mechanism, installing it quickly becomes second nature. There are no keys to lose and no combination codes to forget. Uninstalling the device is equally simple and quick thus allowing, for example, rapid evacuation in the event of fire. LifeLock also comes fitted with the useful facilities of a powerful torch and a clock. Taking hold of the device one can tell immediately that it has been manufactured to a very high standard and being made of stainless steel it is clearly going to be very strong and robust but not at the expense of size or weight, important considerations for the traveller. It folds in the palm of the hand and fits comfortably in a pocket or handbag. I have no hesitation in recommending that everyone who values their personal safety should, as I do, own one, carry it everywhere and use it wherever and whenever appropriate.

I have no hesitation in recommending LifeLock. There is no group of people, I believe, who could not at some time benefit from its use. I think particularly of the actual safety as well as peace of mind it would bring to people such as business and holiday travellers, university and college students, backpackers, nurses and indeed anyone who travels or lives temporarily away from home.

It really is a superb product arriving in the market place not before time. Whilst one cannot put too high a price on maintaining personal security, it nevertheless offers incredibly good value for money but not at the expense of compromising one’s safety.”



As well as featuring on BBC TV, LifeLock has received seven major innovation and security awards including the Gold Award at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva 2009.

The LifeLock is recommended by the Police, Armed Forces and embassies around the world.

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Explaining how the LifeLock works might be tricky, but trust us when we say it is simple to use requiring no tools it can be fitted to 95% of doors in under 5 seconds.

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