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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why would I need a LifeLock?

LifeLock provides a temporary lock to enhance you personal safety, security and privacy. It is designed to keep intruders out of a room, while you are inside it and is ideal for business trips, tourists, lone travellers, holiday-makers, flat sharers, university and gap year students, backpackers and children on school trips.

  1. Why do I need my own lock when the door already has a lock and/or security chain fitted?

Unfortunately, these can be easily opened with duplicate/master keys or special tools.

  1. How do you fit and remove it?

Simple instructions are included with each LifeLock [see: instructions]. It can also be seen being fitted and removed in this short video.

  1. Does it need a key or access code?

No, LifeLocks do not use a key or special access code.

  1. Can it be used on the outside of a door?

LifeLock is specifically designed to provide protection while you are inside a room.

  1. Will it fit any door?

LifeLock fits around 95% of doors in use worldwide, both left and right hanging, except doors with stable latches, bolts or raised profiles, etc.

  1. What is it made of?

LifeLock mechanisms are all metal for maximum strength and are rustproof / corrosion resistant.

  1. Can I take it onboard aircraft as hand luggage?

LifeLock is safe to take onboard aircraft and accepted through airport security.

  1. Can I become a LifeLock distributor / reseller?

Quite possibly, please contact us for details.



As well as featuring on BBC TV, LifeLock has received seven major innovation and security awards including the Gold Award at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva 2009.

The LifeLock is recommended by the Police, Armed Forces and embassies around the world.

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Videos & Photos.

Explaining how the LifeLock works might be tricky, but trust us when we say it is simple to use requiring no tools it can be fitted to 95% of doors in under 5 seconds.

View the photo and video gallery to see more!

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We are confident that you will share the opinions of the police and armed forces who have tested and recommended LifeLock.

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